14 Teen Christmas Years

Teen Christmas is made of a dedicated and devoted team who wants to make sure every teen gets Christmas.

This Christmas Make a Teens Year

Our mission is to provide new clothing for impoverished teenagers at Christmas.

Our Vision is to mobilize giving individuals to provide funding for the purchase of new clothing at Christmas. Qualified teenage individuals are given a shopping opportunity and allowed to make the selections for themselves at Burlington.

TEEN CHRISTMAS was founded in 2005. It became obvious to Clint Walker while volunteering with The Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program that there were a number of teenage individuals that did not qualify for the Christmas gift programs which focus on children ages 0–13. In sharing these concerns with others, his friend Paul Rose spoke about another community he knew of that started a Christmas giving program for teenagers 14-18 for the very same reason.

The first outreach for TEEN CHRISTMAS was a huge success. Over the months following the Holidays an amazing group of giving individuals came together and volunteered their time and talents, formalized the program, and began to raise funds.

TEEN CHRISTMAS is an All-Volunteer Organization (AVO). All services are provided by volunteers and not by any paid staff.


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Madison WallJeannice BeversPaul and Sheila AndersonGene Wells
Luann TaylorJeannie BeversDiane Ynojosa

Our Sponsors

Thank You All For Your Support

Teen Christmas would like to thank Amarillo National Bank for being a part of making teen lives better!

Burkett Outdoor Advertising is a great partner with Teen Christmas who also promotes Teen Christmas on 3 of their electronic billboards.

Thank you to our friends at Cross Texas Transmissions for helping our teenagers.

Teen Christmas would like to thank Access Credit Union Associates for being a part of making teen lives better!
Pictured: Deandre, Lindsey, Vaden

Teen Christmas would like to thank long time supporter Vitel Communications, for being a part of making teenager lives better!

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